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    Born at sea in a wild storm, shipwrecked off the Canary Islands, and then as a child he walked across South America. Peter's great grandfather was made of stern stuff.

    He came from South America
    A gaucho hatted character
    Over his shoulder he casually threw
    A warm poncho
    Into his knee boots he tucked his
    Bombachas de Campo

    He came from South America
    With silver spurs and bolleadora
    Proudly he mounted his Creole
    A horse of great history
    Left by the Spanish in wilderness lands
    It ran wild and free

    He came from South America
    He courted lovely Margarita
    Maybe they walked on the sand
    By the Southern Atlantic
    Maybe they danced to the tango
    Or waltzes romantic

    He came from South America
    To settle in Australia
    He said he had found great fortune
    With his Spanish wife
    A spiritual faith, warm family
    And very long Life

    He came from South America!

    By Peter Harris