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    Our vids are usually embedded in an article or generally hiding out somewhere on the site, so this page plays them in one handy spot. We'll add the new ones as they appear over time, so please come back again and check the list out. The song titles link to the appropriate topic page.

    Troubadour -
    Born at sea in a wild storm, shipwrecked off the Canary Islands, and then as a child he walked across South America. Peter's great grandfather was made of stern stuff.


    Halfway Creek -
    With the promise of a better life, the pioneers gradually moved out into the Australian bush. This song remembers the personal hardships and loss that
    was so often the price they paid.


    Old Salt -
    An old paddlesteamer captain remembers the heyday of the river trade along the Murray - Darling rivers.


    At Sea -
    Examines the issue of boat people.



    Burke's Song -
    Explores the character of the Irish adventurer.



    So Many Creatures -
    Seeks answers to our rapidly changing environment.

    Spirit of the Celts -
    Discovers that the Celtic Spirit is alive and well.


    Endless Flight -
    Concerning the death of Rober O'Hara Burke, this 150th year tribute features
    the beautiful artwork of Dr Ludvig Becker, who himself, died tragically on the Burke and Willd expedition.