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    A plea for sanity from Peter Harris / Welder's Dog

    polar bears

    So who really does know about global warming. And who can find a way through
    for us.

    One thing I do know is that our leaders are driven by opinion polls and not the facts. And I cannot comprehend how you can merely have an opinion on such an issue.

    Ignorance is such bliss.

    How much damage can the planet sustain?

    rock wallaby




    I saw the macaw in the dark green jungle,
    I saw gorillas in the mist,
    I saw the bower bird's creation.
    I saw the great whales breach the lonely ocean,
    Polar bears were on the ice,
    Wild geese flew in tight formation.

    Tassie tigers yawned, and stepped into the sun
    Over on the plains I watched the emus run.

    So many people
    So many creatures
    So many mouths to feed.

    I saw the eagle drift across the valley,
    I saw the vultures arguing,
    The watchful meercat standing tall.
    I saw the penguins shuffle through the blizzard,
    I saw the bisons' pilgrimage,
    The salmon brave the waterfall.

    Cockatoos were screeching at the sunset burning red
    While the drowsy old koala was sleeping overhead.

    And as I turn to face the future
    All the images I've seen
    Begin to darken
    And the colours start to bleed.
    And all around me
    There's a feeling of uncertainty
    And no-one
    Has the answers that I need.

    I saw the cheetah streaking through the grassland,
    Monkees chattered in the tree tops,
    Elephants stood in the clearing.
    I saw the turtles growing old forever,
    Ancient lizards faced the sun,
    Gannets plunged, the ocean spearing.

    Kangaroos were resting in the mid-day heat
    Pelicans were searcing for some fish to eat.

    So many people,
    So many creatures,
    So many mouths to feed.

    by Peter Harris