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    Mick checking the hills for outlaws.

    Peyter Welder's Dog
    Peter checking the coffee cart.

    Dave Welder's Dog
    Dave checking to see if the fingerboard is still there.

    Welder's Dog Glen Innes
    Dodge the wit if you can.

    Welder's Dog
    Don't mess with the Dogs.

    Mick Welder's Dog
    Mick doing his Mosesin the wilderness impersonation.

    Welder's Dog
    The boys sharing a joke mid-verse.

    Mick Welder's Dog
    Mick doing a good day's work at last.

    Ruby Welder's DAog
    Peter setting off up river on his beloved

    Ruby Wentworth
    Sun setting on Ruby at Wentworth Festival.

    Peter Welder's Dog
    Peter at work.

    Peter Welder's Dog
    Peter getting it on in the Aged Care Facility.

    Welder's Dog
    Wenty Races with Steve in the background speed sketching.

    Welder's Dog
    Evening jam on the Ruby.

    Dave Welder's Dog
    Dave singing sweetly.

    Peter Fool's Paradise
    Peter with his new vinyl re-release of his 40 yr old LP.

    Dave Welder's Dog Gibson Mandolin
    Dave gives the old Gibson Mandolin a lickin'.

    Welder's Dog
    The Dogs hitching a ride outta town.