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    eureka welders dog

    1852 saw 370 000 immigrants arrive in Australia, the economy boomed accordingly. The number of new arrivals was collectively greater than the number of convicts who had landed in the colonies over the previous 70 years. The gold being shipped to London each year in turn led to a flood of imports coming into our country from abroad, business investment was at an all time high which in turn stimulated the demand for local produce, the entire economy was in a state of expansion and optimism.

    eureka Welders Dog

    Australia at this time was attracting immigrants from all over the world including Americans, Italian, German, Polish, French and Hungarian  with the largest group of foreigners of course being the Chinese, some 40 000 of them. In 1861 the Chinese made up some 3.3% of the Australian population, the highest it has ever been. The majority returned home after the gold rush days came to an end.

    Between 1851 and 1854 tension was building on the goldfields, primarily stemming from the unjust licensing system and police corruption. In December of 1854, 1000 men gathered at Eureka near Ballarat Victoria where they unfurled their flag, a white cross and stars on a blue field. They formed a stockade around their flag, which ultimately was overrun by troops from Melbourne, 22 of the defenders were killed.

    The leaders who survived were put on trial for high treason but Melbourne’s juries refused to convict them, a Royal Commission eventually saw to it that the miners’ demands were met.

    Eureka Flag


    Dreams of gold would lure them
    Every nation every creed
    Currency lads and lasses
    And everyone in between
    A melting pot divided
    Who would momentarily
    Unite a fledgling nation
    And find immortality

    Egality, equality, rally to the call
    Values as a nation we still hold as true at core
    Equally diverse as back in 1854

    Long live Eureka in the hearts of us all

    A flag of stars was fashioned
    And an oath they would uphold
    To put to rout injustice
    And let liberty unfold
    An end to despotism
    And an end to slavery
    A legend born, Eureka
    In the face of tyranny

    Their leaders dead, or wounded
    Two young diggers yet remained
    Hafele the German blacksmith
    And O’Neil an Irishman
    They fought and died together
    Neath that ragged flag of stars
    Their sacrifice reflected
    In the freedom that is ours

    Lyics and Music by Michael Patrick Moore
    © 2010