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    Our contribution to Saint Patrick's Day 2011, this song remembers a rebellion by Irish Political prisoners in NSW in 1804. The rebellion was put down mercilessly, yet today we would welcome such additions to our land with warmth and a pint of something.



    Discarded men of '98
    Left Ireland's shores in chains
    The Great South Land,their exiled fate
    And ill begotten gains

    Death or Liberty Boys, was their cry
    In 1804 in NSW
    The harp at play,'neath a southern sky
    Castle Hill Patriots remembered

    They were though far across the sea
    And thus to Ireland lost
    Still Irishmen who's hearts were free
    Beneath the Southern Cross

    At Castle Hill they rose as one
    To cast off tyrants yoke
    As one before that day was done
    Eire's exiled sons awoke

    They fought and fell these rebel sons
    Upon that hill that day
    Yet something of these exiled ones
    Still lives in us today.

    By Michael Patrick Moore